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  The best of Moscow in one day!   Culture, nature, and adventure are guaranteed!  Flexible tours available!

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Hi, my name is Dmitriy! I have a pretty sweet offer! Let me invite you to get an exiting Sightseeing on a Kick Scooter.

You can easily discover the best of Moscow only for one day!

I live in Moscow all of my life and explored almost every corner in the city! Also, me and my wife do scooter riding for about 3 years and know where the coolest places in the city are! We can discuss start time and tour details according to your preferences.

Besides, I’ll give you a lot of useful advice and guidance about Moscow and Russia, such as:

  • Where you can enjoy the delicious and not expensive food
  • How to use city transport in half price
  • How to pronounce basic Russian words
  • Where to get souvenirs at a good price

In addition, I can offer you other flexible tours and entertainment programmes. Please, message me on Facebook, WhatsApp of fill in the form below and get the detailed information!



Tour takes only 1 day

The sightseeing on a kick scooter around the main places of interest in Moscow takes only one day while walking takes at least 3 days.

Unique routes

Culture, nature, and adventure are the three big themes that are promised.

No hidden costs!

We believe an unforgettable tour doesn't have to be expensive; that's why we continually strive to offer the most competitive prices around.

Our tours!

Moscow must see's

  •   Great for your 1st day in Moscow
  •   3 times more sights than any other walking tour
  •   Perfect road surface
  •   You can stay longer for making photo and enjoyment near sights you'll like
  •   Great pictures
  •   You'll meet a mix of ancient and modern architecture
  •   Tea break with monastery pies
  •   Duration: 3-6 hours (flexible)

  •   Price:

Off the beaten track

  •   Ideal for deeper explore the city's sights
  •   Non-tourist locations
  •   Ancient fortress's walls and towers which resisted a lot of sieges
  •   Old Russian churches, untouched by time buildings and pebble pavement. Landmarks where making ancient films.
  •   Stroll through non-mainstream streets
  •   Duration: 3-5 hours (flexible)

  •   Price:

Two Tsar residences

  •   Non-tourist locations
  •   Old Russian arcitecture of 16-18 centuries
  •   Wooden buildings of 16-17 centuries
  •   Shiny white churchies amidst lush green nature and the Moskva River in the background
  •   Amazing nature of parks
  •   You'll also get to know the Russian Tsars' holidaying and their life.
  •   Duration: 4-5 hours (flexible)

  •   Price:

Tour of your choice

  •   I will show some photos and you choose places
  •   Only for you and according to your desire: a quiet side street, churches, panoramic views, skyscrapers and much more...
  •   Duration: flexible

  •   Price:
    agreed price

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